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Hello! My name is Xayia. I am 15 years old. I came into this world at 26 weeks instead of the usual nine months. I fought hard to stay alive; I was vented during my stay at Akron Children’s Hospital. I had to overcome many obstacles. My mom and dad struggled in my early years, so I went to live with my Me-Me and Pap for a while. In July 2008 I had my first seizure. On April 3rd, 2009 I was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome MecP3_168. Over the years I lost most of my abilities. I was once army crawling, sitting up on my own and feeding myself. Now I am unable to do any of that. Two years ago I went back to live with my mom and stepdad. I am loving it! I am even going to a new school. I attend Union Local Middle School. They are amazing with me. I get to go to my dads on the weekends, and still get to see my Me-Me and Pap. My me-me is still one of my biggest advocates and loves me dearly. I am braver than you think, I am stronger than I seem and loved more than you know. Some things I like to do is swim and listen to music, and my all-time fav is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I dont fight Rett alone, my family fights for me! I AM A RETT WARRIOR.

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