Everything For Ellie

We will never stop fighting to be free from Rett Syndrome.

On October 22nd Ellie will turn ELEVEN! This year, In honor of the BIG ELEVEN, our fundraising goal for Ellie is $1100!

It’s crazy how it seems like just yesterday we brought home that tiny, sweet, beautiful little baby from the NICU. Ellie was born at 29 weeks and weighed just three pounds. She had spent the first six weeks of her life fighting to grow and thrive in the NICU. Alone. When we met her she was just five pounds with a feeding tube and oxygen. Within a week of us being there every day to hold her and love her she was ready to come home.

She has always fought. First to live and now to live life with Rett.

Our job as parents is to do all we can to make sure our kids are happy, healthy and loved. Ellie is very happy and very loved. But for us, more than anything we need to do everything we can to help her live her life free of Rett Syndrome.

The only thing we want for her birthday is for everyone we know to donate to her page to help fund research, drug trials and soon THE CURE. She doesn’t need anything but to be set free from Rett. That’s it. Simple.

I’ve had people say they wish they had enough money to donate to make a difference. ANY DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Big or small. It doesnt matter. It ALL helps! All we need is your help to get Ellie one step closer to the cure. We would be so thankful!

A year ago we left our home and all our friends and family in Washington and moved to Colorado just for Ellie. It was a hard move, SO HARD, but the best thing we could have done for her. She has amazing doctors and a great school. Ellie has already been in one drug trial and will participate in another in November. THIS IS WHY WE MOVED! Our neurologist is one of the best and we trust him with everything. We trusted him enough to move here! We are so excited for all that is happening now to knock out Rett Syndrome. There are nineteen drug trials ready to go or in process now. It will happen. Maybe the CURE won't happen right away but we are so hopeful that we will find that perfect drug for Ellie to help eleviate her symptoms and help her body function better and hopefully get some words out of her! I am dying to hear her sweet voice. I am dying to hear "I love you Mommy."

So please, PLEASE donate. Please help. Please share her page everywhere you can and help raise awareness. Let people know Rett Syndrome has been REVERSED in mice and hopefully one day soon in all the kids with Rett as well. The future is here and it’s happening but we need your help. It’s so easy to donate and it's secure. Your donation goes directly to what we need. Research, drugs to help symptoms and the Cure.

Please help! One day she will tell you thank you.

She will thank you for fighting for her and never giving up.
One day there will be no Rett Syndrome.







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  • Anonymous November 2019 $250.00
  • Bacon Elementary School From Bacon Elementary! November 2019
  • Heidi November 2019 $104.50
  • Rachel For Ellie and all the other girls and boys with Rett (for now) November 2019
  • Colleen November 2019
  • Rachel & Bret These are the funds that were collected at TherapySouth in Athens, Georgia. November 2019 $104.50
  • Theodore For the Fight...!! November 2019 $78.17
  • Lonna ❤️Ellie❤️ November 2019
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  • Sweet Deal Clothing November 2019 $1,300.00
  • Anonymous November 2019 $250.00
  • Heidi November 2019 $104.50
  • Rachel & Bret These are the funds that were collected at TherapySouth in Athens, Georgia. November 2019 $104.50
  • Mary Happy Birthday to Ellie! October 2019 $104.50
  • Heather October 2019 $100.00
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  • Maruta and Gerry Happy Birthday to Ellie! October 2019 $100.00
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