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My name is Raegan, I was born in 2009 and seemed to be pretty healthy and very happy. I learned to roll over, then to sit up all by myself and was able to jump in big sisters jumper. I even learned to say Da (short for Dad)! Then one day I couldn't do these things anymore and started to put my hand in my mouth A LOT.

After lot of test and no answers, Miss Susan, my Physical Therapist told my mom about another girl she knew that was alot like me and that maybe we should look into something called Rett Syndrome. A few weeks later I had more blood taken and we finally discovered the mean mutation that took place in my body sometime shortly before I was born.

It's called a mutation in my MECP2 gene. And although I cannot walk or talk, I can understand what you are saying. I have a very good sense of humor and like to play jokes on my Mommy & Daddy. Everyone tells me I am beautiful and have very pretty blue eyes. My Mommy says I get the looks from her, but I really look like my Daddy.

Please take the time to tell someone about Rett Syndrome TODAY! Spreading the word will ultimately lead to a cure and hopefully I will get to play with my big sister Macey!





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