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Hi! My name is Nora Johnson. I was born on July 29, 2007 in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I am so loved by my family, friends, therapists, teachers and all who meet me. I sure love attention. I get pretty excited when I use my Tobii device because then all attention is on me! My Tobii is what I use to talk. But, I can be pretty loud and tell stories without it too. I definitely have personality!

I love animals and hope to have a dog of my own one day. Mom says she's not sure if she can take very good care of one just yet. But, I think she will do great. She keeps all us kids alive and well!  I love horses too and enjoy riding in the summers with my awesome therapists! I sit forward, backward and even sideways. My favorite is when I get to gallop! I will pretty much take what I can get with animals right now. The closest thing I have to a dog of my own is our school's therapy dog, Rudy. He loves me and I love him!

I am a pretty healthy girl, but the hardest thing for me right now are my seizures. I take lots of medicine that doesn't always make me feel good and I STILL have seizures anyway. Sometimes I go to the ER because of my seizures. I hate how it makes me feel. I hope Mommy and Daddy and my doctors can find something that works soon!

Even though I have Rett Syndrome and can't talk or walk or use my hands I am just like most other kids my age. I love Disney Cartoons and other animated films and of course I like lots of other films that are funny or exciting. I love playing games on my iPad or board games with my brothers. I love stuffed animals and dolls and figures that are from my favorite films, Like Rapunzel and Moana. I like art, stickers and books and MUSIC but, it has to have a good beat to it! I love dancing and bouncing, especially when mom takes me on fast, wild wheelchair rides on bumpy roads. I also love pizza and ice cream and tons of other goodies... basically I'm a growing girl who loves to eat!

Thanks for getting to know me! If we haven't met already I would love to meet you one day! Until then, take care!






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