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Anna is the youngest of 6 children and she has Rett Syndrome. We are trying to make everyone aware of Rett Syndrome through Anna's story. Our journey all started about five years ago. We had three beautiful children, Emily, Aaron and Eli and decided to try for one more. We were very surprised to discover they were having twins. When Owen and Olivia were born premature at 31 weeks, Olivia had many complications and was not expected to live. Through God's grace and diligent care from the Bax family, nurses and doctors, she is now is SK and doing great - a modern day miracle. While Olivia was still in the hospital they received another surprise. Rhea was pregnant with their 6th child, Anna.

Anna was born on August 7, 2007. At five months of age her neck became weak. A CAT scan, EEG and MRI showed nothing. At eight months old she began having seizures, again a CAT scan and MRI showed nothing; the EEG confirmed that there was seizure activity. She was treated as if she had viral encephalitis with the hopes that her development would return to normal in 12 – 18 months.

Her development remained that of a six month old. We brought her to chiropractors, massage therapists, occupational therapists and physical therapists. We finally started with a neuromuscular therapist, which along with a vitamin supplement which seemed to help alleviate some of Anna’s symptoms. We have had many appointments with doctors and specialists and in June 2010 Anna was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome - a terrible neurological disorder that is primarily found in girls. They are born "normal", but between 6-18 months of age they lose their ability to walk, talk and any functional use of their hands. At this point in time there is no cure; however in 2007 scientists were able to reverse Rett symptoms in mice. Hopefully in God's perfect timing there will be a cure for Rett Syndrome and these amazing girls will have the future that they deserve and will no longer suffer!!!!

Jeremiah 30:17 "But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds," declares the Lord.





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