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McKenna is our beautiful teenager. She has a horrible disease called Rett Syndrome and is no longer able to walk, talk, or use her hands. She now has seizures, scoliosis, and Long QT. She is basically trapped inside of a body that doesn't do what she wants it to do. Rett Syndrome is what McKenna has, it is NOT who she is. McKenna is a happy, loving, sweet girl despite what she deals with on a daily basis. She communicates with her big, blue eyes using her PODD, and she is incredibly patient and smart. It may take us a while to figure out what she wants, but she definitely knows and she keeps trying until WE get it.

McKenna has changed many lives and touched many hearts. The greatest gift we get from McKenna is her unconditional love and a new perspective on life. We feel so lucky and blessed that God chose our family for McKenna. As we all patiently wait for a cure for Rett Syndrome, we will continue to love, adore, and enjoy our perfect angel!





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